Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Final Stanzas

The following was posted on Facebook by my cousin, Sondra. So like our father to entrust his final poem to the family historian. He knew she'd keep it safe and share at the right time. Thank you, Sondi:

"Uncle Karl sent me a rough draft of a poem that he wrote Oct. 20, 2014. He told me not to share it and just wanted my opinion. He told me no one else had seen it, so I am going to go ahead and put the poem on here, since he is no longer with us. He was the one who wrote poems about the others who had gone before him, so I thought he would not mind if I shared it now."

Uncle Karl’s poem (Oct 20, 2014)

When I die, don’t put me in the ground.
Spread my ashes so I can move around.

Sprinkle my ashes far and wide.
Over the mountains and ocean side.

Rivers and valleys, a golf course or two,
I golfed a lot, but I wasn’t through.

Ocotillo Dunes is a favorite spot.
I’ll be with my lover, I miss her a lot.

Her ashes are there waiting for me,
Together again, though, no one can see.

Enjoying the sun and windy weather,
Out there flying and dancing together.

Sprinkle my ashes near family and friends,
Where I want to be when my life ends.